Welcome!  Thank you for choosing to visit our website. We pray that this introduction to our Church Family will inspire you to "come and see" for yourself the warmth and love of Mt. Olivet’s Church Family. We function as an autonomous body of believers who seek to cooperate, but not be dominated, by conventional positions on particular issues. 

We desire to be led by the Holy Spirit when it effects the ministries of our Church Family. We affirm both men and women in ministry, because God calls and equips all of us for HIS Divine mission.  We desire to be flexible in our programs in order to meet the needs of a multi-faceted and constantly changing community.  We strive to minister to anyone's need whether or not they are affiliated with our church has no bearing on our ministry efforts. 

Our Worship style is one of openness.  We follow traditional, as well as contemporary worship.  We are not entertainers but proclaimers of the Good News of Jesus Christ in order for all of us to be set free to become all GOD wants us to be.  

Our Church's Motto has been and continues to be, "Come and See." We pray that our website will simply be a tool that GOD will use to aid you in your search for a place to be involved in Ministry.  

                                  "Come and See"

If we can assist you, please call us at: 
Pastor's Cell Phone:
919 215-3047