Sportsman's Rally

Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Mount-N-Men Ministries
Sportsman’s Rally

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Mt. Olivet’s 
Sportsman’s Rally for Christ

On Friday, October 13, 2017 the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Ministries will be sponsoring our Sportsman’s Rally for Christ. It will be held at our church which is located at 1245 Mt. Olivet Church Road in Franklinton, NC. We plan to start the evening at 6:00pm and end around 9:00pm. Ample parking will be available.

If you have been here before, you know the purpose of this event is to be a witness of Jesus Christ through the medium of God’s great outdoors. We believe that many people participate in some type of outdoor activity, and our Sportsman’s Rally is an exciting way to show God’s love and to be His witness in our world with those who hunt, fish, etc. in God’s Great Outdoors.

When you arrive at Mt. Olivet: Please fill out a registration card and place your card directly into the age appropriate drawing box.There are separate drawing boxes for children 0-6 years of age and 7-12 years of age. Children 13 years of age or older should place their registration card directly in the Grand Prize(s) Box.

We will have a registration line for new guests who have not previously filled out a registration card.Some of the prizes being drawn for are: salt and fresh water reels and rods,tackle boxes, deep fryer, collector knives, deer blinds, deluxe ladder stands, muzzle loader, air rifles, rifles, deer hunt from Northwest Missouri Outfitters, and much more. You must be present to receive your prize. “Hunting trips are not transferable”. If you do not personally plan to use the hunting trip let us know so that the trip can be placed back in the mix of prizes to be drawn again.

We will be serving a wide sampling of wild game. We will also have domestic fare for those whose tastes aren’t as adventurous as others. Some of the wild game served will be: deer, elk, buffalo, ostrich, quail, alligator, frog legs, wild turkey, wild boar, rattle snake, python, alpaca, kangaroo, antelope, yak, beaver, raccoon, turtle and fish!

Our guest speaker will be Pastor Jason Hunter, a former guide for Conman’s Fishing and Hunting Guide Services. Also, Jason has worked as a supervisor of Therapeutic Camping at Cameron Boy’s Camp. Jason is presently serving as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Clarion, PA. We pray you will find him to be an inspirational speaker. The Southern Gospel group “Unashamed” will be providing the music.

As stated above, there is no charge for the evening. However, there will be donation boxes set up for those who feel led to support this ministry. As in the past, our church family and others help supply the funds to make this event come to life. Any contributions are greatly appreciated. This year we especially want to thank all of our sponsors who helped to make this event possible.  

May God Bless all of you!

If you have any further interest or questions call Rev. Carl Hunter at (919)215-3047 or e-mail him at

We look forward to breaking bread, fellowshipping and worshipping with you.

May God Bless,

Pastor Carl Hunter